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Upon seeing Daisy Goodwin do a presentation in school I decided to email her and ask for work experience at her company Silver River, a company that produces tv shows for various channels such as BBC, ITV etc. I was emailed a week before the end of term by a woman named Sam Lawrence whom asked me to provide some services around the office in the following week, I accepted the offer and was eagerly anticipating my first taste of the media business banquet.

I got the tube up to London with all the stereotypical bankers, those who I believed were usually extremely unhappy (upon inspection) and felt quite surprised to adopt the usual miserable expression upon my face on the train, but what can you expect when you’re standing for the whole journey at 8 o’ clock in the morning stuck between two sweaty men in suits with hardly any room to breathe.

Nevertheless I arrived at Goodge Street and jumped on the escalator and walked out into London, for the first time in a while I enjoyed the cultural beauty as I walked down Totenham Court Road, there were some gorgeous works of art on the walls, and I sat on a bench, took out my book, and read a chapter before embarking into the Silver River office.

I went up an escalator to floor 4 and arrived at Silver River, the corridor towards the main entrance had photos of celebrities and shows in which they had been involved and I got a little feeling inside of me, a feeling of anticipation that was quite thrilling. I walked into the office and was greeted by a woman named Chris, she was extremely kind and told me to sit down and await somebodies arrival. So I sat, and was then introduced to another woman, named Lindsay. The only word I can use to describe her is bubbly, she was so friendly and gave me a tour of the office, I got to know where everything was, and then got told that I would be logging. Logging involves going through footage, and scripting everything that happens and the time in which it happens. I sat down at my computer and introduced myself to the developing team (where I was based.) Sam Lawrence came and said a friendly hello and explained she was happy for me to be there, instantly I felt at home. Emma was a lovely redheaded woman who sat next to me and Josephine was another very welcoming person sat opposite to myself. Sarah and Tom were 2 more characters in the team I met and the head of development Deborah also introduced herself. I logged footage of a man named Tanwar for a new show entitled ‘Call Yourself..’ about Indian cuisine, and did a lot of research for Emma on the internet for Indian communities around Birmingham. After logging for a few hours I was told about a new show for ITV which involved meeting interesting characters who weren’t famous, I had to go through all the papers from the weekend, and find interesting people, after finding them I gave my findings to Deborah and was allowed to go, it was 6 ocklock and I went home and slept.
After waking up revitalized I headed back to Silver River on Tuesday. Deborah told me that I would be trying to contact the people I found in the papers, I spent the whole day looking up papers editors or finding people’s addresses to contact the characters I found in the papers, I got the phone numbers from the people I wanted and was extremely proud of myself. Furthermore I talked to the people in my office properly and got to know everybody quite well.

On Wednesday I had to leave early, but I spent most of my day logging footage of Andy Law and Laura Riches, 2 people who had led very interesting lives, the logging seemed to take forever but I was appreciating the media world in which I was being able to experience.

On Thursday I did some research for Emma on Indian clothes shops, Indian community centres and finding Indian people in Birmingham who knew about food, and finding promotional videos of Pakistan on youtube for Emma, it sounds like nothing, but all of this took quite a while, by the end of the day I was shattered.
On my final day I logged another video and then, after finishing it relaxed, made everybody tea, and went into the editing room to see how the editing worked, I then did some more research, talked to the people there about working in the industry, and finished at 6. Upon leaving I felt extremely sad, i’d had such a fun week and wished that I could of spent more time there, they said they had enjoyed having me and it really meant a lot to me that they had accepted me into their community. I was privileged that I was given a chance to spend time at Silver River and would love to work in the media world in the future.

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