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During summer most people waste away many hours in the day doing nothing, I decided I would make a music video for a song Matt and I wrote, the song is entitled ‘Your Own Mistakes.’ I did not have a recording of the song so I decided I would use live sound and mix the video together over one of the audio tracks. Here is a detailed version of the process in which I made the video.

1) People – I knew I only needed Matt and a guitar, so I asked him and made sure he was free on the day of recording.

2) Location – Matt has a wicked garage, so I asked if we could use that as the location and he agreed.

3) Camera – I took one camera that I borrowed from school, and filmed several times so that I got a variety of footage, my girlfriend Joanne helped with the filming and got some awesome shots.

4) Soundtrack – I got Matt to sing the song several times and to keep tempo so that he wouldnt sing faster in one of the clips.

5) From Camera to Computer – This part took FOREVER! I couldnt find a lead for my computer as there were none in school, I asked everybody I knew and nobody had one, I finally found a lead that worked to a mac. I went to my mums workplace and used the mac there to export on my footage. I then had to upload the 35 minutes of footage to the internet, and download it back off the internet at home.

6) Mixing the soundtrack – Matt did well, but there were wrong notes etc in parts, I spent a day or two finding different takes of the song, and mixing the audio together thus making a flawless track, it’s almost unnoticeable that I switched between different takes of the recording, once I had made the audio (on Adobe Premiere) I exported it as a mp3 file and imported it onto a new project.

7) Editing – Editing isn’t necessarily hard, just time consuming. I spent 2 days editing, putting the clips together, at some parts Matt was out of time with the video so I changed the play speed to make sure it all was in sync. Once edited I changed the overall size of the video so it was bigger and I could make a border without effecting it too much.

8 ) After Effects – I imported the project onto Adobe After Effects, I wanted to create a Super8 Film effect, a sort of old camera effect. I didn’t want to use a preset so I made a Red, Blue and Green solid on the video to act as a filter, as well as a blur. Furthermore I changed the contrast and brightness. Once I had done all of this and created the effect I wanted, I added a border with rounded edges to make it like an authentic Super8 Camera.

9) Exporting2 – I exported the video, again, and it came out at 8.8GB, way too big for youtube! I had to find a way of getting it online to show my blog followers the fruits of my work.

10) Windows Movie Maker – This program saved me, I imported my video onto it, and clicked the upload to youtube button, it uploaded it in less than 10 minutes, and bam! here it is.

The whole process was more complex than I just explained and I worked really hard on this video, but I am so happy with it, and would love to know your opinions on both the song, and the video.

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