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The 1940′s were known as ‘The Soundies’. The most notable conventions of ‘The Soundies’ were big bands, Jazz, swing and ofen contained patriotic songs in which related to the war. This specific genre was most notably produced in places such as Chicago, New York and Hollywood. The Soundies gave African- American artists a voice, most notably, Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole. In regards to the contents of this genre the song usually lasted three minutes and contained a short dance sequence and included slapstick comedy which was a type of comedy where a sequence would involve;

1. Pain with no real consequence.
2. Editing to turn a situation more unrealistic.
3. Impossible situations.
4. Zooms to confuse the audience.
5. Off screen use of sounds for impossible stunts and tension for audience.

This could often be seen in ‘soundies’ music videos.

The films were displayed on the Panoram, a coin-operated film jukebox or machine music, in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, factory lounges, and amusement centres. There were several famous production companies that are specifically linked with making Soundies music videos,, they were; James Roosevelt’s Globe Productions (1940-41), Cinemasters (1940-41), Minoco Productions (1941-43), RCM Productions (1941-46), LOL Productions (1943), Glamourettes (1943), Filmcraft Productions (1943-46), and Alexander Productions (1946).

Here is Jimmy Dorsey ‘Man thats groovy’

This video contains the stereotypical music conventions of the Soundies including a jaz/ swing feel and it contains a big band. However, this particular video does not include a dance sequence.

Here is Spike Jones

Clink! Clink! Another Drink contains all conventions of the Soundies this includes:

. 3 minute long video

. Slapstick Comedy ( the bow tie dancing, the hiccups used, the blur used when girl is dancing and the beer dancing)

. A Panoram has been used to display the words to the song

. A dancing sequence

‘The Soundies’ was an influential era as it contained more than one camera angle and showed different conventions in a music video which had never been done before.

Here is a video outlines ‘The Soundies’ era including its conventions, how they were watched and some of the most influential people from within this time.

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