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For the coursework music video I will be working in a group with Joanne, as we worked well together last year, and by using our different skills we hope to make it s effective as possible. For example, one of my strong areas is editing and one of Daniel’s is his knowledge of using Adobe After Effects.

After researching many music videos in our chosen genre, we were inspired to shoot part of our music video underwater. There will be one character who dies into a pool and finds a mysterious underwater person. There is no particular narrative to this, but the general idea is how the characters react to each other. We hope to use shimmering fabrics that will reflect natural and any other lighting we use on the day. We will include use of slow motion shots to make the movements filmed look graceful and cinematically beautiful.

Another section of our music video will be the ‘performance’ of the artist. There will be a male and female singer, and all the viewer will see is close-ups of their faces as they sing.They will have images of footage inspired by the elements projected onto their faces as they sing, and this will all be in slow motion.

The track we are using is Islands by The xx, which has ben the main inspiration for all our visual ideas.

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Rush ‘Subdivisions’ Brief

Task: Construct a music video that uses a montage of images that relate to the theme of school. Additionally, because the band is not available to be in the music video, clips of band performing in the original ‘Subdivisions’ music video must be used.


When given this task our class were quite skeptacle, to say the least, about how such a task could benefit us (regarding our own music video.) For preperation we wrote down everything that reminded us of school and then put our hands into a bag that contained various shot types. We then matched these together and each had 10 shots each.

We each took a camera, and went around the campus, filming 10 minutes of footage, longshots, mid-shots etc. We then reconvened and captured each others footage. All the footage was combined into one file (appropriately entitled ‘Rush’.)

Following this we were given the ‘found footage’ of Rush performing Subdivisions live. I made a seperate track for each persons video and went through, cutting out the bits that I wanted. Then I cut scenes from the original found footage so that the music and cuts would match the beat. I used greyscale to contrast the colour of the performance, symbolising the boredom and monotomy of school life. I believe the video was quite effective in keeping with the mundane lyrics of the song.

The experience helped my editing skills, my use of cutting to the beat, and using found footage with scenes that others filmed, to create my own interpretation of a video.

here you go:

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Last week we were given the task of recreating a Milli Vanilli music video entitled ‘Girl You Know It’s True.’

We learned many valuable skills in preperation for filming our own music video through doing this task. Firstly we were shown the original footage, and studied it,. We made a storyboard watching the video and were each given 10 seconds of fotage to film. Post-storyboaring we designated each musician and actor to a member of the class. We were all given roles and then looked at the props and mis en scene. Each of us were given props to bring in and we discussed a location. The class decidced that the music theatre would be the best place to film as it had a drum kit etc. The task was given to Mr Dunford to arrange booking the filming space.

Friday was nigh and anticipation was upon me as I got further excited at the thought of making the video. The clock struck 2 and we all made our way to the music theatre. Everybody had bought their props, which was elating news. However, as expected, there were bound to be curveballs and obstacles attempting to mar our video. Unfortunately, the music theatre was booked for a dance class that occured every week (apparenately.)

I myself had already dressed in my 80’s attire (black leggings and a females red blazer) and we were all determined to film this in the hour we had. So, what did we do? improvise. We went downstairs and found a desolate music room with a drum kit and some other instruments and moved all our equiptment into there. We pushed all the chairs out of the way and began filming. We used our storyboard to film each shot, in sequence. We were sparse with our filming, only filming the necassary shots and not us talking, so that cutting the footage would be easier. During the filming we played the song whilst filming the footage so it loked as though we were in time with the music. Furthermore we used a white board as the backdrop for close up shots of Joanne and I, this way the shots looked more professional.

Whilst in the editing process I realised that most of the shots were cut to the beat, and it became more automotive as I progressed to cut footage. Thus my skills improved during this task.

So, in conclusion, prepare for the worst and improvise if this happens! make sure you storyboard, have props pre-arranged and character roles prepared. Furthermore, don’t trust your teacher to arrange the location.

here it is;

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