Music Video Final Cut


Here is another piece of merchandise that comes with the CD (if pre-ordered.) It is a limited edition Keyring with the silouette design on it. Easily recognizable it is a great assett for any fan.

Train Station Campaign

Bus Stop Campaign

This is the bus stop campaign for the album release. The poster is a downsized version of the billboard poster, the reason being, so it can fit by a bus stop. We have included a picture of what our poster would look like if put near a bus stop.

Tour Poster

This is the tour poster that comes with the cd. The intention is to inform the listeners about The xx’s tour dates and when they are going to be near them. The image used is a variation of the album front cover. By promoting the tour dates, anybody who buys the album and enjoys it will be enticed into a live performance from the band.

Album Release Poster

This is the release poster for the album. The intended use is for train stations and billboards, along with a smaller sized one for magazines. The use of the album cover in the poster makes the cd easy to find in shops and there is intertextuality with the music video. The conventions used include the Album and Band name, along with the release date, high star reviews, and band websites (to find out more about the band.) We found these were all common conventions in album release posters.

T Shirt Design


Here is a T-Shirt design, made as part of the merchandise for the release of ‘Islands’ by The xx. The main picture on the t shirt is the silouette idea used on the front of the album, and in the music video. This uses intertextuality for a fan, meaning that only xx fans would know the meaning but regardless of this, it is still an appealing piece of fashion.


The back of the shirt has the band name on it, relating the picture to the band, but not too overtly, making this a subtle but relatable piece of merchandise for a fan and also a trendy shirt.

Digipak Cover

Front Cover:

This is the front cover of our cd, it includes the bands name, the album title and the tracklisting. The picture used is a variation of a shot in our music video for ‘Islands.’ The intertextuality will help people identify this image with the band and subsequently notice who they are from one familiar image.

Back Cover:

The back cover reels off from the spine in terms of colour. The plane black background helps to emphasize the artists name, album title and the songs included on the album. There is also a barcode and copywright/record label information at the bottom. We found these things to be present on all cd covers, and thus a inevitable convention we had to include.


The Spine is black, with the album title and the bands name on it, which makes it easy for people in shops to see what cd it is that they are picking up.

Inside Fold In Right:

Here, we have the lyrics of the main song ‘Islands.’ We chose to just include the lyrics for this song as it is the title track of the album and the picture it is imposed on is a still from the music video itself.

Inside Left/Middle:

The inside left and middle inlays of the digipak are of the singers from ‘The xx.’ By using images of them, it is easily selling the artist to the buyer. The colour scheme matches in continuity and the use of both a male and a female lends to the ‘male gaze’ theory but for both sexes.

CD and CD Pane:

The back of the CD pane is a enigmatic photograph which is actually another still from the music video, another use of intertextuality for the avid xx fan. The CD includes the title of the album and the bands name on it, thus making it easy to be noticed if removed from the cd case and lying somewhere around the house. The actual design on the cd will match with the photograph, but will have text on it rather than the photo behind, which will not have writing on it.

Front/Back/Fold In:

Inlay and CD:

Complete CD Cover:

Above are photos of the complete Digipak as it was created, ready to be printed, and folded together.